GEOTECH machine is fits for producing Geomat. It fits for making three-dimensional (3D) multi use mat made of continuous PP(raw or recycled polymer) or PA6 filaments consisting of a core of fused, entangled filaments and one or two nonwoven geotextile fabrics attached.

The speed of the forming machine is adjusted by inverter, it has electric lifting mechanism for cylinder position. The web formation cylinder is THE REAL INNOVATION of the system. Fully patented system that allows the formation of Geomat in a “DRY WAY”. This allows a better formation of the product and the possibility of using PA6 polymer. Another important feature is nonwoven directly bonded to the core structure without any further steps thereby reducing the costs.

Three-dimensional (3D) geomats are used mainly for civil engineering, building, industrial applications and for use in geosynthetics. Based on polymer technology, these products are used all over the world for erosion control, drainage, thermal insulation and sound insulation for building, waste containment and soil improvement.

Technical Specification.

WIDTH Up to 4000mm
SPEED Up to 10 m/m
THICKNESS 10 - 30 mm
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