PET-PA6-PP Full Drawn Yarn Spinning Line Medium Tenacity.

The line has been designed for fine and medium denier PP-PA6-PET FDY production used for textile applications. Each plant can be configurable upon customers production need.The state—of-the-art design on the spinning bean and quench airflow distribution, the dual shell multi induction heated draw rolls, guarantee the best performances in terms of final product specifications.

Yarn Quality.

The maximum uniformity of the spun hbre characteristics are guaranteed by: quench chimney geometry pressure, temperatures and all other variables closely controlled by means of high precision and reliability instruments.highly sophisticated technical solutions adopted for the motors control, to guarantee maximum speed accuracy The results is a very high yarn evennes and a very low mass variation coefficient.

Zero Air Pollution.

The quench air is totally recovered in the specially designed and sealed quench ducts: no fumes are allowed to pollute the spinning room.This means that this line is conceived to meet the environment protection requirements that form the main basis of a modern line design.


The line boasts:

  • Easy yarn colour change
  • Wide fibre range
  • With minor modifications the line can process PET FDY yam

Compact Dimensions.

The vertical design with integrated stretch permits a considerable space—saving.This feature is another up~to—date answer to modern economics and minimum ambient impact requirements.

PP FDY M.T. Line Features.

YARN PER POSITION N. 8 8 8/6/4 8/6/4
WINDING MAX MECH. SPEED M/M 4500 4500 4500 4500
RANGE OF COUNTS* MIN DTEX 150 150 400 400
RANGE OF COUNTS** MAX DTEX 450 450 1200 1200
PLANT CAPACITY*** 300 DEN. KG/H 48 96 - -
PLANT CAPACITY*** 900 DEN. KG/H - - 60 120

* For medium counts are available semi automatic winders
** Different range of counts are available on demand
*** Processing PA6 FDY MT yarn the plant capacity increases of 20%

PET-PA6-PP Full Drawn Yarn Spinning Line High Tenacity.

The line has been designed for High Tenacity PP - PA6 yarns used for industrial applications. Its flexibility, with slight modifications guarantees high perfomances using different raw materials. The state—of—the-art design of the spinning beam and a new concept of drawing section make this line one of the most efficient and reliable in terms of production and final yarn quality.


H.T. Line meets all those requirements thanks to the installation of a multi-polymer extruder, reliable spinning beam diathermic oil heated, unique heated drawing duo rolls and the longest yarn path between the different duos ever used in similar lines.

Yarn Quality.

H.T. Line dedicated to the production of superior yam quality with tenacity up to 8 gr/den and reduced elongation is particularly indicated for final applications such as:

  • Sewing threads
  • Technical fabrics
  • Ropes and belts

High performances take-up automatic winders at 5000 mt/min max speeds are installed (number of threads per position 2—3—4 depends on request). Insulated noise reduction intermingling box is installed per each winding position.

H.T. Line is the answer to the growing market demand to have the possibility to combine:

  • Low cost production
  • Superior class yarn quality
  • Coverage of a big count range
  • Easy color change
  • Processing of different polymers
  • One person operation
  • Easy maintenance

PP-PA6 FDY H.T. Line Features.

YARN PER POSITION N. 8/4 8/4 4 4
RANGE OF COUNTS* MIN DTEX 200 200 600 600
RANGE OF COUNTS** MAX DTEX 600 600 1800 1800
PLANT CAPACITY** 300 DEN. KG/H 40 80 - -
PLANT CAPACITY** 1200 DEN. KG/H - - 60 120

* Higher counts are produced coupling two ends
** Higher plant capacity on demand

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