PP-PA6-PET Bulk Continuous Filament solid and multicolor.

Advanced BCF solutions.

Ultimate BCF Plants fruit of technological innovation and long industrial experience.

All BCF plants are equipped with AC motors, digital inverters, gravimetric dosing units, chiller-based quenching systems with (optional) humidity control, induction heated godets (fast godets designed for up to 200°C on multipolymer versions), high speed automatic doffing winders and reliable computer based.

Compact and modular design, strong construction, extremely fast erection/start-up, easy operation and low maintenance costs are among the key poins of plant.

CF TECH can offer a wide range of plants with modular capacity.

Raw Material Type of Yarn Range of Denier Application
PP PET PA6 BCF MONO & TRICOLOR 800-4000 Carpets, Rugs, Furnishing, Automotive, Upholstery

BCF fine denier.

CF TECH has developed a spinning line for the production of fine denier polypropylene multifilament BCF textured yarn. Two alternatives are available for two different denier ranges.

Alternative 1 for yarns between 70 to 150 den.
Alternative 2 for yarns between 150 to 450 den.

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