Company Profile.

We are an innovative Company with a customer-friendly approach.

CF TECH is a Company specialized in the manufacture of complete plants in the field of synthetic fiber with a dedicated knowledge of extrusion processes for the Continuous Filament and Nonwovens market.

Our core competencies include the design and development of key machinery components and engineering technology through to turnkey solutions and process technology.

A variety of original spare parts or upgrades are available. These can be easily modified to suit your requirements. Our specialists are available for any information and detail You may need.

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We are specialist in supplying spinning lines, with deep competences in electronics, automation, mechanics and process. CF TECH is a Company with a production department, able to manufacture internally all its own products, at very competitive prices with long term quality and productivity.

We guarantee maximum flexibility to adapt all our systems and machines to Customer requirements. Our great synergy between Design and Purchasing enables to optimize costs and delivery all around the world.